J.S. Cable Music Studio shares an exciting relationship with the Creative Care & Wellness Center !  Jennette Cable, Studio Director, (Traditional Naturopath, Classical Homeopath, and Sound Therapist) believes that creative expression is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle. J.S. Cable Music Studio is located inside the wellness center to demonstrate this unique and life-enhancing relationship!  

You will do much more than just learn music at J.S. Cable Music Studio! You will be part of an active and creative neighborhood business family. You will be invited to participate in healthy community projects such as the Peace in the Streets intersection mandala that lives outside the front door of our building. You will enjoy healthy relationships with healthy individuals! You will be invited to participate in the many wellness workshops at the center. You will be part of a community that takes music into facilities that love us and appreciate us. You will learn to create opportunities to live a joy-filled and healthy lifestyle.

Creative Expression through Music is one of Creative Care & Wellness Center's Five Tenets of Wellness™. Visit Creative Care & Wellness Center for a complete listing of the wellness workshops available through our parent company!